Nathaniel Bozarth: Race and Privilege in Kansas City

nathaniel bozarth on the podcast

Nathaniel Bozarth calls himself a storyteller and curious individual. Trained in the techniques of anthropology, Nathaniel strives to see the small (the minute details that are often overlooked), to see the big (the overarching systems that inform how we live) and to see the seeing (the biases and assumptions that interpret how we see). Nathaniel has produced two web documentaries that are available online for free: Your Fellow Americans and Re:Dream [pronounced Re-Dream]. Both series look at how issues of race and identity affect opportunity in America through the eyes of diverse individuals.

Nathaniel Bozarth now hosts and produces Wide Ruled, a podcast on the past and present of equality in education.

Nathaniel Bozarth Show Highlights

  • How privilege pushed Nathaniel to care about issues of race and equity
  • Nathaniel and Daniel’s story of understanding privilege
  • Why Nathaniel started a podcast on race and equity called Wide Ruled
  • Nathaniel’s Ah-Ha moments learned through his podcast
  • Teachers have been victimized by top down reform
  • How to give dignity back to your staff, students, and community
  • Are we training our Principals and APs to lead?
  • “The History of Math” class Nathaniel would teach in school’s today
  • How schools can become the happiest place on Earth
nathaniel bozarth discusses dignity on the show

Nathaniel Bozrth Resources

End of Education by Neil Postman book 
Our Kids by Robert Putnam
The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein
nathaniel bozarth discussing training to lead

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