Ben Baker: How to Build a Brand for Your School

ben baker on the podcast
Ben Baker has always been passionate about story telling.   Whether it was in sales in his early career or over the last 20 years as a marketer, Ben’s goal has always been to tell a story that is relevant, valuable and engages his audience.
It is about letting people understand the values and vision of the companies that I work with.   If people, whether they be staff, customers or potential customers do not understand who you are, what you do and why you do it. . . why should they care?  My job is to create the conversation that allows them to care.

Ben Baker has been the owner and chief storyteller at Your Brand Marketing for the last decade and can be found at

Ben Baker Show Highlights

  • Branding 101: Who are you and what are you about?
  • What do you feel and what do you believe?
  • Generating story “stickiness”
  • Are you using multiple channels to tell your story?
  • Great Idea: Highlights from the week or the week in the review
  • Do you give people the opportunity to care?
  • Tips for engagement
  • What makes a great story?
  • Use plenty of questions in your content (dare them to engage!)
  • How to run contests via Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Is your website fresh?
  • Do you really understand who you serve?
  • What a personal branding class for students would look like
Ben Baker on Branding

Ben Baker Resources


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Ben Baker Highlights of the Week

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