Georgian Benţa: Gratitude in Every Breath

Georgian Benţa on the podcast

Georgian Benta is the founder and host of “The Gratitude Podcast”, a weekly show that inspires people to find new ways of making gratitude a habit by interviewing successful people and getting them to share fascinating stories about living a grateful life. Georgian also does gratitude coaching and his vision is to inspire 100,000 people to focus on gratitude.

As an entrepreneur, Georgian Benta builds his business around his unwavering passion for gratitude. Since he created his new habit of gratefulness, his income has tripled, his business has been thriving, and so much more amazing experiences have come his way!

Georgian Benta Show Highlights

  • The story behind starting The Gratitude Podcast
  • Repurposing your commute to work for gratitude
  • Practices for gratitude
  • The importance of having meaning within an organization
  • What Georgian has learned about gratitude after interviewing over 50 guests
  • 5 ways to easily supercharge your gratitude during workdays
  • What makes Gary Vee a great leader
Georgian Benta on improving gratitude
georgian benta make today meaninful

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