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Leadership Development On Steroids

How to Expand Your Leadership Influence

If you suffer from a lack of influence … if you could benefit from having a larger impact … if you do have influence, maybe even good influence, but know it could get even better … if you love to think about leadership and are always looking to “Sharpen your saw” as Covey puts it …then this experience is for you.

Here’s why …

As Bill Hybel’s states, “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”

And you need to realize, the inverse is also true … everyone loses when a leader is stagnant.

This isn’t rocket science … If you ignore your leadership it will never improve!

What most people do when facing stagnant leadership growth is bury their head in the sand and ignore that any problem exists, or they “learn” more about leadership without action. 

But for most people, this simply does not work.

  • simply learning without action is really just an example of analysis paralysis
  • And learning about leadership in a vacuum rarely create better leaders

Okay, that makes sense … but where do you find the time?

That’s exactly it.  Leaders find the time to grow.  They make it intentional and block off their calendar … even in the busiest seasons of life.

And what happens if you do nothing … If you keep doing what you've been doing? 

Your organization loses.

How I continue to grow as a leader?

I’ve got an answer that works. 

It is no secret on how to get better as leader.

Part of growing as a leader is inviting others into your questions, your challenges, and your obstacles.

Part of growing as a leader is learning about leadership and acting on it.

Part of growing as a leader is to interact in a community of other driven leaders and make public declarations of what you want to do for your organization in the near future!

Recording over 100 podcast episodes and talking with some of the most influential leaders in education, I have learned that leadership is more about who you surround yourself with, what you learn, and most importantly what you take action on.

And I created a solution for you.

This solution is based on an experience working with Seth Godin. 

You see, he designed a leadership experience that left me inspired and focused on my leadership focus … for months. 

My leadership tank was overflowing … the energy and motivation I received from this experience is still influencing my choices and motivating my behavior.

The first time I took this experience I benefited from it through inspiration.

The second time I through this experience I studied it closely and redesigned this experience, specifically for you.

Here's what it did for me …

the leadership sprint help me look at leadership from a variety of perspectives.

The stories that were told in the modules challenged my thinking and changed how I look at leadership in my organization.

Heck, I even got a few good stories to tell … to share with my people … to use as an inspiration to challenge people in my organization as well!

And not only did I learn a lot about leadership, I also grew the network of leaders I was connected to and made a few friends along the way. These people I can reach out to and pick their brains for solutions around my leadership challenges.

In fact, here is what Jethro Jones said about the experience, "The leadership experience earlier this year helped me focus on what I needed to accomplish in my own leadership. It energized me and gave me an opportunity to grow in ways I didn't know I could."

Finally, it's your turn.

When you participate in the leadership spirit you will get access to …

  • 8 modules exploring leadership
  • Eight original videos created to challenge, support, and inspire your leadership thinking.
  • Solo and group activities designed to stretch your leadership thinking.
  • A larger network of leaders for connection, resources, and support
  • And a few bonuses at the end of the leadership sprint
  • A private FB group to continue the discussion

All of this is a part of the leadership sprint.

And you are 100% safe to participate with no risk.

That's all I'm suggesting. Reserve your spot in the leadership sprint and see if you learn something about leadership and possibly even make some new friends.

If you do, you will be delighted - and I know that's what is going to happen. If for some reason you are not delighted with the modules, the videos, the solo and group activities, your expanded leadership network, and the private Facebook group, then let me know - and you’ll get all your money back. 

It’s decision time

You have a choice to make: do what you have been doing (or worse do nothing at all).

You know where that will lead.

Is that really the leader you are trying to be?

Take a new action and get a new result.

Finally, learn more about leadership and instantly act on what you've learned. Action is what separates good leaders from great ones.

Which do you really want for yourself? 

Reserve your spot in the leadership sprint below.


How Will I Benefit from the Leadership Sprint?

Q - What the heck is a leadership sprint?

A - A 2.5 hour experience modeled after a life-changing event I participated in with Seth Godin.  The first time I participated I was changed.  The second time I studied it so I could reproduce it for you. Simply put, I've created a number of videos looking at leadership from multiple perspectives.  Through stories I've created an experience that will challenge, reaffirm, and clarify your current leadership philosophy.  This is a group experience.  After each video you will be asked to either produce a response individually or as a group using a virtual conference room via #slack.

Q - How is a 2.5 hour experience going to change me?

A - If you arrive with an open mind and an open heart you will leave changed.  Guaranteed.  I'm proud of the content I created and the stories I will share with you via video.  I spent between 30-40 hours creating this content and designing questions that will "ring your leadership bell."  I also believe that interacting in a group setting will also act as a catalyst to create change.  Finally, in any investment I make in myself I have very realistic expectations.  I expect to take away one new strategy, perspective, etc. that I didn't have before ... and if that happens I consider it a success.  I promise you will be challenged and some aspect of you will be changed (even if it's just making a new connection that will push you in your leadership thinking).

... Oh and this is going to push you to your limit.  Sessions will rotate every 15 minutes.  Video.  Writing.  Discussion.  Repeat.  You will leave exhausted and filled up at the same time.  You will leave changed.

Q - I'd rather take this course on my own time, alone.  Will you be offering the leadership sprint for sale as an online course?

A - No.  Even though I consume and participate in a ridiculous amount of individual online learning, this is not that kind of experience.  I specifically designed this experience to be collaborative and in public (for those that show up).  I believe this will help us be more authentic, push our thinking, and help create the atmosphere for an experience I want you to have via the leadership sprint.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Daniel's experience and expertise has allowed me to spend more time in my areas of strength. He has an ability to go both 'deep' and 'wide' in areas that help leaders lead more effectively and efficiently." 

Ken Williams

Founder of Unfold the Soul, author, and school leader.

"Daniel is a class act and the content for this leadership sprint will be invaluable to school admin. Daniel is sharp and knows how to make magic happen for his school. He will share that with you in the leadership sprint.

Jethro Jones

Principal and Host of the Transformative Principal Podcast

"Daniel Bauer is a leader of leaders and I'm excited to have an opportunity to learn from his expertise and experience. As an aspiring administrator, I can't think of a better way to boost my leadership skills than to participate in the Leadership Sprint ... I'm excited to learn from one of the best leadership coaches in education!"

Sandy King

5th grade teacher-leader and blogger at My Brain is Upside Down

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
the Better Leadership Sprint

  • 8 videos looking at leadership from multiple perspectives
  • Both personal and collaborative response activities that will help you explore, refine, and clarify your own leadership philosophy
  • Inspiration to charge you up for the next season you face in your leadership journey
  • Bonuses including extra content, a private Facebook group (to continue the discussion and network), and a copy of my 2015 Global Leadership Notes
  • A larger network of leaders ... and maybe even a new friend or two :)
  • Private Facebook group to continue the conversation.

Level Up Your Leadership Now

Invest in yourself and your community.

Everybody Wins When a Leader Gets Better - Bill Hybels

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Reserve your spot right now, participate in the sprint, and if you didn't get any value from it, then you are entitled to a refund - no questions asked!  If the sprint does not challenge, insprire, or clarify your leadership vision, then I don't want your money, and I'll give every dollar back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

I look forward to personally guide you through this leadership sprint.  


There is a lot on the line.  


Your community needs you.


See you inside,

Daniel E. Bauer